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February 2015….Yes we have snow!!

All fishing has to wait while the wood is cut lol, but there have been some good size carp out above the dam already this week so it wont be long until we are back on the bank, why not come and join us, great deals to be had flying with Ryanair from Stansted to Reus, they fly on Tuesdays and Saturdays at this time of year,

January 2015 – Very shoddy on the updates here at Catburglars, but the fish were coming out fast and furious.

We were lucky enough to have some wonderful guests during 2014, families, groups and solo anglers, lots of first time cat catchers and also new PB achievers.

At Catburglars we aim to provide a personal service for all of our guests and Dan and Lee work hard to make the fishing experience everything you were dreaming of, I on the other hand keep the wheels oiled and the guests fed and watered.

Please join us on Facebook under Cat Burglars to see our most recent catches and whats happening in the world of Catburglars, theres never a dull moment.

So come on treat yourself to a trip to the Ebro, its one that your friends wont be bored looking at the pics of.

Hope to see you soon

Lisa, Dan and Lee

News and Blog December 12th 2012 -”THE DON” IN RIBA-ROJA……..the full story coming soon

Tuesday morning sees Del out in the village with Bev exploring the delights of Riba Roja, husbandly duties must be performed before those rods are in the water….Right jobs a good un off to the bottom of the garden to see a couple of fish jump, but no joy. Off with Bev to put some food on for the weary angler 10 minutes pass and Del on the radio needing help Fish on!!! Dan arrives to find Del with rod in each hand, still going strong at 60, one cat and one carp lost in the weed. Start to clean lines off and off screams the reel on the left side swim, three runs in 10 minutes, mid December not bad at all!!


Del in the garden swim for the morning while I pack up for our trip to the dam, along with The Gooch (scouse Lee) and his better half Lisa with some much needed sensible company for Bev. Also joining was Mike Bevan or Catmandooo as Del calls him……lots to do and my missus Lisa away in UK with her folks, Im guiding, cooking and general hosting phew And Del still healthy after my cooking lol. Off to Badia Tucana where Icar Sans Lopez has kindly donated use of one of their many cabin cruisers and Hector skippered wonderfully, a Big Thanks to The Sans Lopez family. Fish into the night, some fish showing but no joy back tomorrow.

Thursday Nice early start, Del and Bev on big boat, me and Mike out scouting, checking the normal swims and looking at the new rock swims put in last year, lots of fish on the fish finders and bubbles out front. Del went to see the German neighbours they had a few carp to 41lb, and he didnt mention the war!!!! Time to pack up its getting chilly.


Day of the Don, a cold and misty start , rods in at the factory bank, then a quick look above the dam but too much weed and loose branches….getting too cold for poor Bev, no fish showing, back to Catburglars for another go at the the garden swims, 7 fish sited…come to The Don!!! Having a great time but I must be off for more cooking duties, radio off again Del in with a decent 24lb carp, just when things are looking promising time for dinner and an early night, its a very early start for the airport in the moring, oh how time flies when your having fun, The Don will be back in February when the cats will be asleep and the Carp out to play….join us at www.catburglars-ebro to find out how you could be fishing the Ebro

Happy New Year to all, hope its a great one!!

Tuesday 3rd January 2012 Well Dan has started getting the rods ready, three enquiries for April yesterday, remember folks first to pay a deposit gets those dates theyre after!!

Wednesday 25th January 2012 Well off to the uk, new car hunting, new bait supplier search and a visit to the Carp Spectacular Brentwood to give out some leaflets and meet some customers.

Saturday28th January 2012

The show is packed and managed to speak to many of you carpers out there and show off some pictures of our recent catches, even caught up with “The Don” after his recent trip to the Ebro with www.catburglars-ebro. Great to meet you all, looking forward to seeing you out with us in the future.

Monday 31st January 2012 The long drive back begins, snow in France and the going is slow, looking forward to seeing the Ebro again.